Monday, February 13, 2012

Collaborative Animation Rubric

Here is the completed video as it stands now. Watching it I realized we are still missing some segments. If your transition is missing, have it ready (in the correct format) for our next meeting. If you noticed your clip is faster, I changed it to fit the assigned format. You should take this as a hint to change yours as well. We will be finished with this project on our next meeting. Please have everything ready and in the right format.

I will be grading your blogs during the week of the 27th. Remember that every assignment is worth 100 points each.

Please make sure your blog reflects all aspects of this Check List!!

Collaborative Animation Check List

1. Montage Triptych:
  • All three images loaded correctly (must enlarge when clicked)
  • Format and Requirements laid out in the class blog post must be followed, 25 images, scanned word, etc.
2. Animation
  • You need to have your entire animation EMBEDED in your blog.
  • Your entire animation means the transition before your base animation, your base animation, then your final transition. I want to see all the animation work you did for the project.
  • Your animation must meet the format requirements expressed in the class blog.
3. Audio
  • Follow (to perfection) the assignment parameters outlined in the class blog.
  • Remember everything you learn in the workshops. If Clint tells you to do it, it is not an option.
  • File format! File format! File format!
  • On the 27th we will critique your audio on Monday, then you will turn the files in. Make sure they work. Scrambling at the beginning of class is too late. 
I understand that we are learning complicated software at a fast pace but you have two weeks to get your blogs perfect for Monday the 27th. Take the time to make it right!
Please email me if you have any questions.

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