Monday, February 27, 2012

Assignment #4 Video Reenactment and Viewing



1) Visit the website ubuweb and explore the many experimental films and videos available on this site:

Choose a video/film of your liking. Shoot and edit your own version of the chosen video/film preserving the soundtrack from the original source to be added to your video creation. This is an interpretive experiment. Be creative in how you approach this project! You are expected to directly attempt to recreate or copy the point of view, camera angles, timing, subject matter and such of your original or creatively re-interpret. Your video creation should somehow reflect your chosen work. There are many hundreds of choices on this site - take some time to explore these many varied historical and contemporary works and have fun!

Minimum length is 45 seconds. (you may choose a part of a larger work for example - some of these run longer than 15 minutes, redo at minimum 30 seconds).

In our critique we will be viewing your original source video and your reenactment, please be sure BOTH works are embedded blog post!

Equipment and techniques: You may use anything from a cell phone video camera, laptop webcam to a high end HD camcorder. This is up to you! I recommend you use Final Cut Pro to edit your work after capturing the audio with Snapz Pro X (This program is only available in the lab)

Clint will hold a workshop on Tuesday, 28th at 11am and on Wednesday the 29th at 11am in the lab!

Your video is due, posted to your blog (embed through Youtube or Vimeo) by the start of class time Monday, March 12th.

2) Read "Chapter 2 Video Art" for next week, Monday, March 5th and post two questions on your blog prior to class time.  Research artists mentioned in the reading - find videos of their work where possible online as this will greatly enhance your understanding and appreciation of their works!  New week we will be discussing and viewing further examples of contemporary and historical video art in class.

Nam June Paik

Matthew Barney

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