Monday, February 13, 2012

Assignment #3 Soundtracks for Animations!

Animation Soundtracks:
Working with Audacity or another audio editing/mixing program of your choice create a unique soundtrack to compliment your individual animation segment.

Your audio samples are due at the beginning of class on Monday, February 27th!!!

The audio piece you will create for this will start with four tracks:

1) The "Drone" sound we agreed upon in class, (do not change or otherwise alter this particular channel as you work on your piece - we want this to provide a steady background sound that carries across the entire looping animation.)

2) One sound recorded using a microphone.

3) The other two sounds are to be found/downloaded or otherwise appropriated from the internet.

Creatively mix your segment to effectively work with your animated piece - use filtering, repetition, Left/Right stereo mixing to assemble the best possible audio mix that works flawlessly to complete your animated sequence! Remember to create audio for your first transition and your original animation.

Bring your finished piece as a .wav file on a flash drive for next class as we will be working to ad these piece by piece to the assembled animation.  Please number your audio piece with 001, 002 NAME, and so on depending on your location on the sequence list.

Please send me any questions!  Workshops Tuesday and Wednesday, both at 11!  Have fun!

Two links from class:

Cory Arcangel

Marina Zurkow

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