Monday, February 6, 2012

Animation Collaboration!

Tales from the Heart (An animated exquisite corpse, perfect for Valentines Day.) from Droolart on Vimeo.

Animations due Monday, February 13th!!! Here is how to proceed.

At this point, you each have an individual 5-10 second animation of your photoshop image.  Now, you will work together to link all your animations into one big looping animation sequence!  First step is to make a list ordering the animations after you look at all of them in class today.  Second, meet with the person in front of and after you to create an animated transition that blend well between your separate animated sequences!  Please remember, the expectation is 6 hours minimum per week on outside assignments, you should be spending 3 hours with the person before you and 3 hours with the person after you!  Make these interesting and feel free to continue honing your individual animations if you feel it might use some further refining (particularly after seeing the work of your classmates - if you feel as though your work doesn't stand up - make it better!).

1) You will have established working with Clint the progression for the creation of the class-wide combination of your individual animations.  Clint will send me the list which I will post below!

2) Meet up with the persons in front of you and after you on your list.

3) Brainstorm/collaborate on how best to animate the transition between your works to create a smooth and aesthetically pleasing flow between your animation and your partners.

4) You will be making this piece to exist as a stand alone "single channel" video installation thus you do not need a title or credit sequence - the first and last person's on the list need to mix their start and finish respectively with each other so as to give the impression of a never ending, smoothly transitioning looping video that will go on forever!

5) Sound! We will be making our own, collective soundtracks for this project, we will discuss details for such next week!

6) Animations due Monday, February 13th!!! Save your file and number these "01 LASTNAME" This is essential so that we may edit these together! (Since this is a group collaboration, please be patient and flexible so we can successfully complete this project)

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