Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Graded Blogs

I just finished grading everyone's blogs. As I mentioned FERPA laws prevent me from posting your grades but I did make comments on your top post. I kept very soft "kid" gloves on as this is our first go and we were learning expectations. That being said, we had some great work completed on this project and some "so, so" / incomplete projects. This should come as no surprise because you all know what you did and didn't do.  Even so I was still generous to everyone and now it is time to focus on the video project. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE follow every blog post to the letter or you will not succeed in this course. Have a good week and I will see you all on Monday.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Assignment #4 Video Reenactment and Viewing



1) Visit the website ubuweb and explore the many experimental films and videos available on this site:

Choose a video/film of your liking. Shoot and edit your own version of the chosen video/film preserving the soundtrack from the original source to be added to your video creation. This is an interpretive experiment. Be creative in how you approach this project! You are expected to directly attempt to recreate or copy the point of view, camera angles, timing, subject matter and such of your original or creatively re-interpret. Your video creation should somehow reflect your chosen work. There are many hundreds of choices on this site - take some time to explore these many varied historical and contemporary works and have fun!

Minimum length is 45 seconds. (you may choose a part of a larger work for example - some of these run longer than 15 minutes, redo at minimum 30 seconds).

In our critique we will be viewing your original source video and your reenactment, please be sure BOTH works are embedded blog post!

Equipment and techniques: You may use anything from a cell phone video camera, laptop webcam to a high end HD camcorder. This is up to you! I recommend you use Final Cut Pro to edit your work after capturing the audio with Snapz Pro X (This program is only available in the lab)

Clint will hold a workshop on Tuesday, 28th at 11am and on Wednesday the 29th at 11am in the lab!

Your video is due, posted to your blog (embed through Youtube or Vimeo) by the start of class time Monday, March 12th.

2) Read "Chapter 2 Video Art" for next week, Monday, March 5th and post two questions on your blog prior to class time.  Research artists mentioned in the reading - find videos of their work where possible online as this will greatly enhance your understanding and appreciation of their works!  New week we will be discussing and viewing further examples of contemporary and historical video art in class.

Nam June Paik

Matthew Barney

Lectures, Screening, and Exhibitions

Approved Lectures and Screenings for Digital Media Class Requirements!


Mar 6 (T)      5:30-6:30    TBD                   Visual Lecture Ariana Page Russell, visiting artist

Mar 8 (TR)   5:30-6:30    UNR CFA 153    Visual lecture by Erik Burke, visiting artist

Mar 15 (TR) 5:30-6:30    TBA                    Annual Student Art Show, lecture
                                                                   by guest juror NMA Curator JoAnne Northrup
                     6:30-8:00                              Sheppard Gallery Reception

Apr 4 (W)     5:30-6:30    UNR WRB 2030 Game Art lecture by visiting artist Dr. Henry Lowood

April 5 (TR)  5:30-6:30    UNR CFA 153    Visual lecture by MFA Thesis Candidate Kevin Kremler
                     6:30-8:00                              Sheppard Gallery Reception

May 4 (F)     12noon       NMA                   Gail Wight:


Feb 27 (M)    5:30           KC 124               Film - The Black Power Mixtape

Mar 1 (TR)    5:30-6:30   UNR CFA 153    Performance by visiting artist/scholar Joanna                                                                      Frueh

Mar 3 (S)       6:00-10:00pm                      Low Lives Occupy with Art! International online  performance festival.  WATCH ONE HOUR AND WRITE ABOUT IT!

Mar 12 (M)    5:30pm      KC 124 Film - Culture Jam - Hijacking Commercial Culture

Mar 26 (M)    5:30pm      KC 124 Film - RIP - A Remix - A Manifesto


Apr 16 (M)     5:30pm      KC 124 Film - This Space Available - The Grassroots Movement Against Visual Pollution

Monday, February 13, 2012

Collaborative Animation Rubric

Here is the completed video as it stands now. Watching it I realized we are still missing some segments. If your transition is missing, have it ready (in the correct format) for our next meeting. If you noticed your clip is faster, I changed it to fit the assigned format. You should take this as a hint to change yours as well. We will be finished with this project on our next meeting. Please have everything ready and in the right format.

I will be grading your blogs during the week of the 27th. Remember that every assignment is worth 100 points each.

Please make sure your blog reflects all aspects of this Check List!!

Collaborative Animation Check List

1. Montage Triptych:
  • All three images loaded correctly (must enlarge when clicked)
  • Format and Requirements laid out in the class blog post must be followed, 25 images, scanned word, etc.
2. Animation
  • You need to have your entire animation EMBEDED in your blog.
  • Your entire animation means the transition before your base animation, your base animation, then your final transition. I want to see all the animation work you did for the project.
  • Your animation must meet the format requirements expressed in the class blog.
3. Audio
  • Follow (to perfection) the assignment parameters outlined in the class blog.
  • Remember everything you learn in the workshops. If Clint tells you to do it, it is not an option.
  • File format! File format! File format!
  • On the 27th we will critique your audio on Monday, then you will turn the files in. Make sure they work. Scrambling at the beginning of class is too late. 
I understand that we are learning complicated software at a fast pace but you have two weeks to get your blogs perfect for Monday the 27th. Take the time to make it right!
Please email me if you have any questions.

Assignment #3 Soundtracks for Animations!

Animation Soundtracks:
Working with Audacity or another audio editing/mixing program of your choice create a unique soundtrack to compliment your individual animation segment.

Your audio samples are due at the beginning of class on Monday, February 27th!!!

The audio piece you will create for this will start with four tracks:

1) The "Drone" sound we agreed upon in class, (do not change or otherwise alter this particular channel as you work on your piece - we want this to provide a steady background sound that carries across the entire looping animation.)

2) One sound recorded using a microphone.

3) The other two sounds are to be found/downloaded or otherwise appropriated from the internet.

Creatively mix your segment to effectively work with your animated piece - use filtering, repetition, Left/Right stereo mixing to assemble the best possible audio mix that works flawlessly to complete your animated sequence! Remember to create audio for your first transition and your original animation.

Bring your finished piece as a .wav file on a flash drive for next class as we will be working to ad these piece by piece to the assembled animation.  Please number your audio piece with 001, 002 NAME, and so on depending on your location on the sequence list.

Please send me any questions!  Workshops Tuesday and Wednesday, both at 11!  Have fun!

Two links from class:

Cory Arcangel

Marina Zurkow

Monday, February 6, 2012

Animation List

1. Austin

2. Sarah

3. Sam

4. Aimee

5. Dylan

6. Bret

7. Nicole

8. Katie

9. Kelsey

10. Bryan

11. Kelli

12. Jason

13. Jessica

14. Christen

Animation Collaboration!

Tales from the Heart (An animated exquisite corpse, perfect for Valentines Day.) from Droolart on Vimeo.

Animations due Monday, February 13th!!! Here is how to proceed.

At this point, you each have an individual 5-10 second animation of your photoshop image.  Now, you will work together to link all your animations into one big looping animation sequence!  First step is to make a list ordering the animations after you look at all of them in class today.  Second, meet with the person in front of and after you to create an animated transition that blend well between your separate animated sequences!  Please remember, the expectation is 6 hours minimum per week on outside assignments, you should be spending 3 hours with the person before you and 3 hours with the person after you!  Make these interesting and feel free to continue honing your individual animations if you feel it might use some further refining (particularly after seeing the work of your classmates - if you feel as though your work doesn't stand up - make it better!).

1) You will have established working with Clint the progression for the creation of the class-wide combination of your individual animations.  Clint will send me the list which I will post below!

2) Meet up with the persons in front of you and after you on your list.

3) Brainstorm/collaborate on how best to animate the transition between your works to create a smooth and aesthetically pleasing flow between your animation and your partners.

4) You will be making this piece to exist as a stand alone "single channel" video installation thus you do not need a title or credit sequence - the first and last person's on the list need to mix their start and finish respectively with each other so as to give the impression of a never ending, smoothly transitioning looping video that will go on forever!

5) Sound! We will be making our own, collective soundtracks for this project, we will discuss details for such next week!

6) Animations due Monday, February 13th!!! Save your file and number these "01 LASTNAME" This is essential so that we may edit these together! (Since this is a group collaboration, please be patient and flexible so we can successfully complete this project)